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Introducing the Brampton, our latest pool with robust geometrical features designed to complement both contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, it boasts dual access points for versatile placement in diverse outdoor settings, along with a full-length bench seat that adds a touch of luxury.

This sleek design not only creates an unobstructed swim area, enhancing a sense of spaciousness, but also incorporates a child safety ledge, making the Brampton the ideal family pool. Elevate your outdoor living in Wairarapa and Wellington with the perfect blend of style and functionality offered by the Brampton.



Brampton pool example
Advance Pool Colour Technology Colour Range

These gelcoat colour sample effects are indicative only. The actual watercolour will vary with different light levels, sunlight shadow, shade and surface water movement.

Royale Ocean Shimmer
PAcific Shimmer
Indigo Shimmer
Sky Blue Shimmer
Alpine White Shimmer
Silver Shimmer
Hampton Grey Shimmer
Royale Jade Shimmer
Midnight Shimmer
Sandstone Shimmer

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