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Experience modern design that effortlessly enhances your outdoor entertainment spaces. With ample seating spanning one end of the pool and extending along a side, create an inviting conversation corner. The sleek lines within the pool accommodate both lap swimming and enjoyable family moments.

Explore the versatile Royale range, offering a selection of lengths and widths to cater to diverse needs, from spacious backyards in Wairarapa to cozy courtyards in Wellington. Elevate your outdoor living with our contemporary pool installations, blending style and functionality seamlessly.

Royale Slimline specifications

Royale Slimline

Royale Slimline specifications


Royale Specifications
Advance Pool Colour Technology Colour Range

These gelcoat colour sample effects are indicative only. The actual watercolour will vary with different light levels, sunlight shadow, shade and surface water movement.

Royale Ocean Shimmer
PAcific Shimmer
Indigo Shimmer
Sky Blue Shimmer
Alpine White Shimmer
Silver Shimmer
Hampton Grey Shimmer
Royale Jade Shimmer
Midnight Shimmer
Sandstone Shimmer

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